Case Studies

Technology Start up

The client is a start-up, offering a SaaS development framework sold to developers and system architects.


Being a start-up, the product company wanted to focus its resources on the technical areas of development and support. However it needed a cost effective way to reach out to the market in US, UK and Europe. The company’s initial focus was on getting the initial traction and adoption from 10-20 customers, which means, even a dedicated team was not necessary to begin with.

Solution Provided

Market Achieve offered its services “on demand” to the company. This flexible arrangement allowed the company to use Market Achieve’s services intensively for a few days interspersed with periods of low or nil activity.

The company used webinars, live demo sessions, online marketing surveys etc to engage with the market. The Market Achieve team posted about these activities in the various SaaS groups and forums, LinkedIn Groups, Free PR sites etc. Gradually a database of customers evolved, which was then nurtured using email follow-ups, telephone calls, sharing of new developments on the product etc.

Sending out free trial packs to interested customers, coordinating on their queries with the technical team were some of the day to day activities handled albeit at a very low volume.

Designing of webinar invites and online survey forms, updating the company website with latest news and marketing related info are some of the other services provided to the company.

Since the start-up company did not have its own Marketing software, Market Achieve provided its own software platform to create and manage the databases and campaigns.

The thought leadership on marketing and positioning strategies along with the copy of raw text content for various marketing communication were provided by the founders of the company. The Market Achieve team managed the rest.

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