We offer a range of B2B Marketing Services:

Identify and profile customers

We dig deeper in to your target segments, micro segment them based on criteria relevant to your specific business, identify and profile people within the customer organization - not just decision makers, but people who are influencers / users and map these contacts to the various services and products that you offer.

Manage campaigns and responses

We will set up, sequence and schedule the campaign messages customized to each micro segment. We will send first level responses to each incoming lead / mail response, after customizing it to the micro segment and the context of the incoming message.

Refresh and update database

We clean your database by removing outdated information and refresh them with the latest information collected through research. And as your Go2M strategy evolves and changes, we re-classify and re-categorize your data to keep up with the changes.

Lead scoring and lead nurturing

We manage your lead pipeline / funnel, by monitoring and scoring each lead on specific criteria and nurture each one of them as they grow through various stages.

Research support for sales

When you are engaged with a customer on the sales process, you may need more information about that particular customer and their business, products and other critical information that will help you swing the deal in your favour. We are there to help you.

Marketing analytics and reports

We can provide detailed analysis and summary reports on data collected, responses received, new media activity, lead pipeline status etc.

Create and manage presence on new media

From social networking sites to specialized groups and forums, from private blogs of industry influencers to public PR sites, we can continuously keep up the activity levels for your product or brand.


Software Platform

If you have your own automated marketing / CRM tool (such as Salesforce, Sugar etc.), we will use that to provide our services. If you do not have one, we will offer our own marketing system on a "Software as a Service" model.

Our Marketing System software is already being used by some of our existing clients. Each client's database and access controls are isolated from the rest. With this platform we can create and manage your database and campaigns. We can also track lead status and sales activities.

Fee models

Outcome based        : For tasks that are well defined with clear metrics.

Time and Material    : Dedicated team on continuous basis or for specific period

On demand services : Engage our people on demand - depending on the peaks and troughs of your marketing activity

What we need from you ?

You will provide the thought leadership on marketing, positioning and segmentation strategies and give us the raw text content for each marketing communication. We will manage the rest.