Case Studies

IT Services

The client is a 550 people IT services company. Focused on ISVs and Software enabled businesses, the company provides complete product lifecycle services, ranging from new product development and product advancement to product migration, re-engineering, sustenance and support. The target markets are the North Americas, UK and Europe.


The company’s marketing team needed more in-depth information on each one of its potential prospects and hence bought out databases were not adequate. On the other hand, the company tried some lead generation outfits, but did not get the desired results.

Solution Provided

Market Achieve provided a 12 member dedicated team, to service the needs of the client.

The client specifies the precise market segments, database sources and sometimes even provides a list of named accounts. The Market Achieve team then digs deeper in to each one of the target customers, does a thorough web research on them and produces the following additional information:

Customer: Organization structure, Subsidiaries, Channel partners, Offshore development centres if any, Revenue size, Financial data, Competitors, Events conducted / participated, Management / Leadership profile, Regions of operation.

People: Identify and profile people (with contact info) within the customer organization, going down to the level of program management, QA, Engineering, Testing etc. Identify not only the decision makers but also the influencers.

Products and Technologies: Identify the technologies and tools used by the customer organization and details of the various products offered by the customer.

Marketing Database creation and updation: Create and Update the company’s Marketing Database with all the above information, classifying and categorizing prospects in to customized buckets based on business size, domain, technology, Product life cycle stage etc. Slot the people within each prospect - based on role and position.

Marketing Campaigns: While the company has its own automated tool to manage mailing campaigns, the Market Achieve team, handles the actual setting up, sequencing and pre-scheduling of different messages to each micro segment. Subsequently the team sends customized replies to each response depending on the micro segment and context to which the lead belongs. The content for the campaigns and custom replies are provided by the company’s marketing team.

Research support for Sales: Once a lead matures to a certain level, it is allocated to various sales executives. The sales executives in the process of working on a lead, sometimes need more research to be done on a specific customer or individual. The sales executive briefs the Market Achieve team on the requirement and the web research work is carried out based on this.

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