Case Studies


The client is an ISV, providing HRMS software.


The company was developing a new category of product in the “People engagement” space, specifically meant for “day-to-day” use in knowledge intensive sectors such as consulting, R&D, technology etc.

Most HRMS products are addressed to and used predominantly by HR departments. However for the new product, the company wanted to engage with business leaders in the chosen market segments and take their inputs to fine tune and strengthen its new product.

So the company had to identify and profile 100 medium sized companies – 25 each in the following segments: Legal Services, Management Consulting, IT Consulting, R&D and technology intensive companies. The company would then use this info to engage with their business leaders / owners / partners on a one-to-one basis.

Solution Provided

Market Achieve team worked on this as an “assignment” with an “Outcome based” pricing model. The profiled database of 25 target companies in each of the 4 segments was delivered one after the other within 2 weeks. The database not only contained basic info like customer name and contact details, it also profiled the customer’s business activities, people related philosophies, key business people responsible for talent development etc.

After being impressed by the quality and depth of the research and the output provided, the company is now considering to engage a dedicated team at Market Achieve for all its present and future marketing activities.

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